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Mandatory Fees

Additional fees may be applied based upon a student's degree or course selection. Please refer to the Academic Catalog or contact the Cashier's Office for additional information. 

Fees Per Semester:

Mandatory Fees Description/Usage Effective Fall 2022
Registration Fee Provides support for material and administrative expenses related to the student admission process. $33.00
Student Health Fee Supports medical and counseling services provided by the Powell Student Health Clinic and University Counseling Center. $32.00
Fitness Center Access Fee Supports membership to and day-to-day operational expenses of Recreational and Wellness Center (RAWC). $12.00

Fees Per Hour:

Mandatory Fees Description/Usage Effective Fall 2022
Activity Fee Supports auxiliary and extracurricular programs, student activities and organizations, and campus events. $15.00
Athletic Fee Supports university athletic operational expenses. $18.00
Campus Center Fee Supports the operation of Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center. $3.00
Technology Fee Supports maintenance of existing campus academic and administrative technology. $15.50
Infrastructure Fee  Supports expenses related to the maintenance and improvement of academic and administrative technology, including the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. $5.75
Student Recreation Fee Supports debt service and long-term maintenance of Recreational and Wellness Center (RAWC). $5.00
Library Fee Supports operational expenses (usage, purchase of books, etc.) associated with Boreham Library $3.75
Facilities Fee

Supports general maintenance of campus facilities.

Instructional Technology Fee

Supports operational expense of learning management system.