Student Government Association

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The UAFS Student Government Association is the official governing body of the nearly 7,000 undergraduates at UAFS. Through our extensive advocacy, programming, and funding work, we seek to make a meaningful impact on the undergraduate experience



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Exceeding Your Expectations



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Representation without taxation

One of the main services the Student Government provides is writing resolutions for the betterment of life at UAFS. This is done through the representation and decision-making on campus or in the local community. A few resolutions that made an impact on campus would be the building of the RAWC, closing of Kinkead, and painting the light poles blue.

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Funding your organizaion

Part of the duties of your representatives is to allocate funds to all of the Registered Student Organizations on campus. The process starts with the RSO submitting a funding request to the finance and allocation committee which is chaired by the SGA Treasurer. The committee then votes on the amount and brings it forward to be voted on by the rest of the assembly.

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Serving the student body

An important portion of being a representative is service. This is done through programming. We host an array of events on campus that aim to help students and their day to day activities. From a kickball tournament to raise money the Special Olympics to driving students to their classes, our members are always ready to help.