Registered Student Organizations - Organizational Description

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Registered Student Organizations – Organizational Listing & Description


  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Advances and promotes the practice of mechanical engineering at UA Fort Smith and the surrounding community.
  • Biology Club - Allows biology majors to explore later careers in the field of biology through conservation efforts, speakers, and field trips.
  • Chemistry Club - Helps students explore the world of chemistry.
  • Collegiate Middle Level Association - Provides an organized source of information that advances middle level teacher preparation.
  • Criminal Justice Club - Helps students explore the world of criminal justice.
  • First Bank Corp. Student Leadership Council - To take a leadership role in activities recognizing the achievements of business students and promoting the College of Business.
  • Future Educators Professional Association - Prepares students for a career in the teaching profession.
  • Geology Club - To improve appreciation and basic understanding of geology and the physical sciences.
  • Graphic Design Association - The GDA at UAFS is open to any UAFS student interested in promoting the industry of graphic design regionally and nationally.
  • History Club - To provide an organized way for students and teachers of history to meet and interact in an academic atmosphere.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Branch
    (IEEE) - Knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, and allied branches of engineering or the related arts and sciences.
  • Math Club- Promotes mathematics on campus and in the community.
  • The National Association for Music Education (NAFME) at UAFS - To have the opportunity to enjoy NAFME Collegiate membership, to share its responsibilities, and to increase interest, knowledge, and productivity in all areas of music education.
  • NUMediA - To enhance the development of college and university students in electronic media by promoting excellence in Media Communication by providing opportunities for ethical and responsible leadership, and assisting in career preparation. 
  • Psychology Club - Provides psychology majors and other interested students an opportunity to exchange ideas and network within the field.
  • Radiography Student Association - The voice for students currently
    enrolled in the radiology technology course.
  • Rotaract - The purpose for Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.
  • SkillsUSA- Prepares students for leadership in the working world. Students learn to manage time, communicate effectively, and work as a team while gaining the knowledge needed to pursue future education and work experience.
  • Social Work Student Network - To encourage community involvement, expose students to the Social Work Profession, Network with area Social Work professionals, and encourage educational growth through Social Work related activities.
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) - SWE gives women engineers a unique place and voice within engineering. Our organization is centered on a passion for our members' success and continues to evolve with the challenges and opportunities reflected in today's exciting engineering and technology specialties.
  • Student Animators - Raises awareness about the importance of 3D computer animation in everyday life.
  • Student Drafters Association - To help further educate CAST students on CAD software and help them achieve their personal goals.
  • Student Investment Board - To increase the real-world skill sets of driven business majors by exposing them to an investment board setting.
  • Student Nurses Association - Focuses on membership, education, community service, service to the University, and health promotion activities of the surrounding community.
  • Surgical Technology Student Association - Advocate for Surgical Technology students to enhance the role of the student, the health of the public in its medical community, and education environments through action and service.


  • Applause - Enhances students' appreciation of the creative arts through hands-on experience with the annual publication of the creative arts magazine.
  • Astral Fantasy Ink Productions - Showing expression through fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and anime.
  • Drama Club - To provide both students and the community the opportunities for education in and appreciation of the theatre discipline in all forms.
  • Kappa Kappa Psi - Psi - To uphold the ideals and practices of Kappa Kappa Psi as set forth in national publications and to apply these ideals in practices in support of the University of Arkansas—Fort Smith Band Program.
  • Percussion Club - To have a better understanding and appreciation of the world of percussion in all of its forms through instruction, concerts, travel and guests. Kappa Kappa Psi- Serves and promotes the existence and welfare of the UA Fort Smith band.
  • Studio Art Coalition - To promote awareness and support for the cultural, aesthetic and economic value of women in the arts through lectures, workshops, films, trips to galleries and museums, and a bi- annual art show.
  • Woodwinds Club - An honorary organization for the Art of Woodwind Performance at the University of Arkansas – Fort honorary organization for the Art of Woodwind Performance at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.


  • African Students Association - The main purpose of the African Students Association is to educate our university, communities and society about the aspects of African cultures.
  • Black Students Association - A forum for the dissemination and collaboration of information pertinent to minority students of UAFS.
  • French Club - To bring attention to and share French culture as well as to bring more attention to the French program at UAFS.
  • Hmong Student Organization - Organization - To educate our university, communities, and society about the aspects of the Hmong culture and to promote higher education to the younger generations.
  • International Leadership Council - Educating our university, communities, and society about the aspects of global cultures and to promote higher education to younger generations.
  • Japan Club - The focus of this organization is share interests of Japanese culture, to experience and to introduce Japanese culture to people on campus and in the community.
  • Korean Organization - Educating the university, communities, and society about the aspects of the Korean culture to promote higher education to the younger generations.
  • Spanish Club - The purpose of the UAFS Spanish Club Organization shall be to advocate Spanish language and culture, to provide a safe environment for learning, to promote current and future Spanish students, to raise awareness of the presence of the Latino population, and to benefit the community with outreach activities.
  • Vietnamese Students Association - Introduces the Vietnamese culture and language to UA Fort Smith by hosting activities where students can learn about the Vietnamese culture.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • Alpha Omicron Pi - Promotes the values of simplicity, integrity, circumspection, tolerance, generosity, personal dignity, and love. These values enable women to go into the world with character and confidence, offering friendship and opportunities throughout a lifetime.
  • Delta Gamma - The purpose of Delta Gamma is to foster high ideals of friendship among women, to promote cultural and educational interests, to create a true sense of social responsibility, and develop the best of character.
  • Gamma Eta - The purpose of Gamma Eta is to promote leadership, unity, sisterhood, strength, service, and diversity to women of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.
  • Gamma Phi Beta - Beta - Gamma Phi Beta is an organization consisting of a group of girls who strive for academic success, upholding the highest type of womanhood, philanthropy, sisterhood and support of UA Fort Smith.
  • Interfraternal Council - IFC is an umbrella organization that is used to promote fraternalism and brotherhood at the university.
  • Kappa Alpha Order - The Kappa Alpha Order chapter at University of Arkansas - Fort Smith seeks to help support and serve the University and local community, while giving a lifetime experience to its members and teaching them lessons of duty, honor, academics, and chivalry all in reverence to God and His women.
  • Kappa Sigma Fraternity - Kappa Sigma's purpose is to build better men through four pillars: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service.
  • Panhellenic Council - This organization is the governing body that works with our campus sororities.
  • Sigma Nu - The purpose of Sigma Nu is to excel in all areas of student life, while making an everlasting impression and setting the standards for fraternal life on campus and for growth of Greek Life at UAFS.

Honor Society

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta - To encourage excellence in scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of health pre-professional education, to promote cooperation and contact between professional and pre-professional students and educators, to bind together with students with similar interest, and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health organizations, charities, and the community.
  • Alpha Lambda Delta - Is an honor society for students during their first year or term of higher education.
  • Beta Alpha Psi - The objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business.
  • Beta Gamma Sigma - - To encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business and administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations.
  • Kappa Delta Pi - Encourages high professional, intellectual, and personal standards to recognize outstanding contributions to education in the College of Education.
  • National Society of Leadership and Success - Assisting college students in creating the lives they desire, by helping students discover what they truly want to do, by giving them the support and tools to achieve their goals, in order to build leaders who make a better world – The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi has been founded.
  • Pinnacle/Spire Honor Society - Is an honor society for Non-Traditional Students.
  • Salute Honor Society - An honor society which recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of our Veteran students.
  • Sigma Tau Delta - Encourages excellence in the study of English and in the composition of original works, and promotes a sense of fellowship among those who display excellence in the study of English.
  • Tri-Beta - This is an honors and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Activities are designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students.


  • Young Democrats - To work within the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith campus and community to promote those components that are essential in society; to promote engagement and interest in the political process; to seek to provide a voice toward change in the world we live in.


  • Baha'i Club - - Promote unity among all religious communities on campus, provide a safe place to enjoy unity in diversity, to discover and learn from the various religious traditions represented in the UAFS student body, and to raise awareness that "the earth is but one country and mankind its citizens."
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry - Enables collegians and collegiate groups to experience God and fulfill His purposes through evangelism, missions, church involvement, and discipleship.
  • Catholic Campus Ministries - Helps students relate properly to faith during college, and promotes spiritual and moral growth of the individual student that complements the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Chi Alpha - Promotes the spiritual life of students by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, discipleship, and witness.
  • Cru - - To be a resource to students who would NOT identify themselves as Christians but who are interested in exploring the life and message of Jesus and to train and equip existing Christian students to be spiritual leaders. This happens through one-on- one mentoring relationships, small group studies, and larger conferences and retreats.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes - To present to athletes and coaches, and all of whom they influence, the challenge an adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
  • Grand College Ministry (REACH) - Desiring to glorify God the Father through His unique Son, Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, in the power of the Holy Spirit, this organization exists to provide an on campus presence of a local Baptist church to university students. It intends on building lifelong relationships with its members, plus other students and the faculty. It will allow students a safe place to wrestle with religious thoughts and ideas.
  • Hyphen CMI - The purpose and aim of Hyphen CMI is to promote Christian fellowship on campus, maintain and strengthen Christian living among college students and teach, educate and evangelize using the word of God, which is the Bible. Bridging the gap from college to the real world can be a tough journey and that is why we created Hyphen CMI. We are here to support, encourage and assist the students of UAFS.
  • Koinonia - Koinonia, the Episcopal UAFS Campus Ministry, is a gathering of students, staff and faculty, as well as other members of the local community, to share their common life of faith. Our hope is to be open and inclusive; we welcome questions and honor seekers; our life and worship is influenced by the traditions, customs, and spirit of The Episcopal Church. Koinonia seeks to support students in their college career and personal development. We provide a weekly gathering for music, worship, and a meal; fellowship; special programs; and opportunities for service.
  • Lions for Christ - Promotes Christian values, open to all students, and sponsored by the area Church of Christ.
  • New Life Church Young Adults - To help students connect into a relationship with Jesus Christ, grow into their full potential, serve their college community, the city of Fort Smith, and throughout the world.
  • Nurses Christian Fellowship - A fellowship that supports and encourages nurses to incorporate Christian principles into daily living and nursing practice.

Special Interest

  • Army ROTC - To help improve the overall quality of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) program at UAFS, to include enhancing the professional and academic development of the cadets, and assisting in attracting and retaining cadets, as well as to provide services to its membership and to the University.  Services and activities may be educational, developmental, or social and may encourage both fellowship and constructive contributions to the AROTC program and to the University.
  • Collegiate Exchange Club - - To educate, improve and/or develop the capabilities of its members; to help with the prevention of child abuse, serving our community, helping future generations succeed and promoting awareness of American values.
  • Computer Club - Provides a service to the student body as a place to seek information, fellowship and help with computer related issues and technologies.
  • Dice and Dragons - - Students will be able to interact with peers while practicing creativity and cooperation as well as gaining mathematical skills by developing a story and interacting with the story being developed.
  • Gaming Club - To bring together the gaming/eSports community at UAFS, to provide a space for both competitive and casual gamers to meet and discuss various aspects of gaming and to help gamers develop their mechanical and team communication skills.
  • Garden Club - To educate the campus and community about gardening practices and encourage sustainable consumability though gardening.
  • Golden Z Club - - Future Leaders Building a Better World Today through Service and Advocacy.
  • Love Your Melon Campus Crew - Love Your Melon Campus Crew works toward providing hats to children battling cancer in America, funds childhood cancer research initiatives and provides immediate support for children and their families through fundraising efforts.
  • Pokémon Crew - – The Pokémon Crew is established for the expressed purpose of building a community of students who are interested in the multiple aspects of the Pokémon franchise, to provide these students with a friendly atmosphere to take part in Pokémon-related gaming, discussion, and other activities.
  • Pride at UAFS - To promote self-identity within each individual; Communicate and encourage the acceptance of all minorities; Discourage discrimination; Dissolve prejudices; Encourage open minds; Reach those in need; Awareness of local LGBTQ resources; Education on issues affecting the LGBTQ Community.
  • Student Veterans Organization - To provide encouragement and support for our Veteran students.
  • Table Top Guild - Table Top Guild is established for the expressed purpose of building a community of students who are interested in expanding their imagination, and possible math skills through trading card games, and board games.

Sports Clubs

  • Fishing Club at UAFS - To encourage camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and development of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers by competing with other schools in FLW National Guard College Fishing tournaments and other fishing tournaments on a local and regional basis.
  • Lions Quidditch - The purpose of Lions Quidditch will be to promote understanding, physical importance, and the team building through Quidditch related activities.
  • Lions Wrestling Club - Lions Wrestling Club provides students with the opportunity to continue wrestling in college and in Fort Smith, involving not only students but fans, alumni, and the local community.
  • Soccer Club at UAFS - To enjoy, socialize, and play in friendly and competitive soccer leagues.
  • Tennis Club at UAFS - To gather tennis players on campus and play and enjoy the game of tennis.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club - Provide the community of UAFS with an opportunity to play the sport of Ultimate; the club will provide opportunities for club members to interact and compete with other universities in area tournaments; To promote the sport of Ultimate in a fun, competitive environment.

University Outreach

  • Campus Activities Board - Provides a cohesive yet diverse scheduling of programming to students and the community. CAB coordinates such events as Haunted Union, Spring Back Week, Island Party and more than 100 other events throughout the year!
  • Chancellor's Leadership Council - Exemplifies leadership and service of selected scholars to the campus and community.
  • Cub Camp - Hosts a unique experience for incoming freshmen at which UAFS pride, traditions, and activities are shared, and develops leadership skills for the students coordinating camp.
  • Lions ROAR (Reaching Out; Advocating Responsibility) - Will provide a personal health and safety awareness programming to the University and offers peer mentoring for students on personal issues.
  • Non-Traditional Student Organization - Promoting and serving the interests of the Non-Traditional student body by providing programs that promote success, recognize and encourage academic excellence, and purposefully and creatively involve students in campus life.
  • Student Alumni Association - The mission of this organization is to increase awareness of the organization and the University Alumni Association, infuse ideas of tradition, leadership, and volunteerism among students.
  • University Student Ambassadors - - University Student Ambassadors are committed to creating an organization of students that promotes the highest standards in academics, social interaction, and personal achievement. We will pursue these standards by developing the individual strengths of our members through leadership, community involvement, and commitment to the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.

Governing Body 

  • Student Government Association - SGA serves as the elected representative voice of the students at UAFS. The General Assembly provides a forum to openly discuss student affairs, advise the administration, and recommend services to improve the quality of campus life. University Student Ambassadors- Promotes the University through hospitality and public relations. Members are competitively selected at the beginning of the fall semester.