UAFS COVID-19 Reporting


The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith has created this COVID-19 Dashboard to provide our campus and community with an accurate, concise, and timely positive case report. 

The data presented below reflects newly reported cases of COVID-19 among individuals who have had campus contact of any kind, and will be updated weekly.


This data is current as of September 18, 2020.



Active Positive COVID-19 Cases* 

18 4

*Active Positive Cases refer to individulas who have tested positive for COVID-19, have not been cleared by the Arkansas Department of Health, and have had some form of contact with the UAFS campus during the Fall 2020 semester.

UAFS Positive COVID-19 Cases by Week

  (On Campus Testing Coming Soon) 1 Student Self
Reported Positive 2    
Faculty & Staff
Self Reported Positive 2   
   Students Reported   
Positive by ADH 3
Total New
  Positive Cases   

Sept. 12 - 18

x 8 2 1 11

Sept. 5 - 11

x 2 2 0 4

   Aug. 29-Sept. 4   

x 8 0 2 10

Aug. 22 - 28


6 0 2 8

Aug. 15 - 21

x 5 0 4 9


29 4 9 42
1. Will include all on-campus testing. UAFS expects to begin testing on campus in September when the equipment to do so arrives.
2. Includes new self-reported cases among individuals who were tested off-campus, received a positive result for COVID-19 and have been on campus at any time this semester (beginning Aug. 10.)
These individuals must self-report their positive case to UAFS Dean of Students using the online self-reporting form found on NumaLink or to the UAFS Human Resources Department.
Individuals who are tested on-campus should not self-report.
3. Includes new case information provided by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) involving members of the university community who were tested off-campus, received a positive result, and may have been on campus, but have not self-reported to the university. 

UAFS Residential Isolation and Quarantine Figures by Week

   Residential Students in
Isolation 4

 Residential Students in
 Cautionary Quarantine 5

 Quarantine & Isolation Beds
 Available in Campus Housing 6  

Sept. 12 - 18

1 9 49

Sept. 5 - 11

0 8 50

 Aug. 29-Sept. 4   

1 22 50

  Aug. 22 - 28   

1 10 50

Aug. 15 - 21

0 15 50
4. Isolation numbers reflect students who self-isolated at any time during the reported week because they tested positive for COVID-19.
5. Quarantine numbers reflect students who did not test positive, but who quarantined at any time during the reported week because they came in contact with a presumptive positive case, were contacted by contact tracers, or quarantined as a cautionary measure.
Note: Aug 15-21 and 22-28 numbers include international students who were required to quarantine prior to starting class.
6. Though UAFS does have designated quarantine and isolation rooms for residential students, a student may be permitted to quarantine or isolate in their own room,
which may result in a higher number of students in quarantine and isolation without a corresponding decrease in available beds. 

State and County Positive COVID-19 Cases

  Tests         Negative     Positive       Positivity Rate

   Sebastian County  (As of Sept. 18)    

40,334 36,995 3,339 8%

Arkansas  (As of Sept. 18)

864,549 791,094 73,455 8%

Visit the Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 Case Update



Employees and commuter students who test positive for COVID-19 or who have been contacted by Arkansas Department of Health contact tracers and advised to self-isolate, are required to self-isolate off campus until they have been cleared by the Arkansas Department of Health and submitted their isolation release letter to the university. Residential students may self-isolate either in their campus residence under strict isolation protocols or temporarily relocate to a room designated for quarantine purposes.


Since the university can only confirm the total number of tests and positivity rates for university-affiliated testing conducted on campus, positive cases that are self-reported or provided by the Arkansas Department of Health in which tests were administered off-campus are separated above.

UAFS may not be aware of all tests taken by university employees or students. 



For more information about the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith's COVID-19 response and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit: