Enlisted Scholarships

Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty - Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

All current service members of Reserve/National Guard could be eligible for the SMP program. This program allows students to “intern” as an Officer-in-Training with the US Army Reserve or National Guard. In return these students may have their tuition or room and board paid.  Students who are currently in the National Guard or Reserves may enter the program during their sophomore year and will be non-deployable while in ROTC. 
Arkansas National Guard/ US Army Reserves
Pay rate of E-5 for battle assembly / Drill
Monthly ROTC stipend 
$300 for freshmen
$350 for sophomores
$450 for juniors 
$500 for seniors




The deadline for submission of Green to Gold ADO and Scholarship Applications will be determined upon opening of the application window.

If you're an enlisted Soldier, Army ROTC can help you continue to grow and learn. The Army Green to Gold program provides options for Soldiers interested in pursuing a baccalaureate or graduate degree and earning a commission as an Army Officer.



The Army Green to Gold Program is designed to offer Enlisted Soldiers in the Army the opportunity to earn a commission as Army Officers. This program offers enlisted Soldiers several unique ways to earn a baccalaureate or graduate degree:

  • Green to Gold Scholarship Option — For Soldiers who are considering leaving Active Duty to attend college while receiving full tuition or room and board (capped), flat rate book payment and a monthly stipend.
  • Green to Gold Active Duty Option — For Soldiers who want to remain on Active Duty and attend college.
  • Green to Gold Non-Scholarship — For Soldiers who are considering leaving Active Duty to attend college while receiving a monthly stipend.

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Benefits for eligible Veterans:

• Enter Army ROTC in almost any semester
• Non-deployable from second semester freshman year on
• Active Duty
• Branch assignment not based on your current Military Occupational Specialty
• Additional Money for time-in-service
• Scholarships for both Reserves and Active Duty