Fitness Center


These rules exist to ensure an enjoyable and safe fitness experience for our participants and to help protect the longevity of the fitness equipment. Please review and be familiar with the policies of the Fitness Center. Failure to follow the rules could result in you being asked to leave the facility.


All students currently enrolled in UAFS classes, community members enrolled in Well Fit PHYE 0990, full-time employees, part-time employees, adjunct faculty and retirees may use the Fitness Center.


ID Cards and Logging In/Out

  • You must present your Lions' ID card to use the facility. Lost cards can be replaced at the Campus Center for $20.
  • It is the patron's responsibility to make sure they have logged in and out correctly. Please ask at the front desk if you are unsure of how to do this.
  • The Fitness Center is not responsible for any ID that is lost or stolen.
  • All areas of the Fitness Center and gym are under security video surveillance.

Equipment Checkout Policy

1.  Only authorized users of the UAFS Fitness Center may check out equipment.    

2.  You must present a valid Lion’s ID to check out equipment.                                                                                                                  

3.  Users are responsible for equipment checked out in their name. Fines may be charged for late, lost and/or damaged  equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

4.  No equipment may leave the facility.                                                                                                                                                           

5.  An individual who has not returned equipment will not be allowed to checkout equipment.


  • Exercise attire (athletic gear ONLY) is required, as well as closed toe shoes (tennis, jogging, aerobic). No flip-flops, street shoes, flats, boots, etc. will be allowed. No jeans, khaki pants/shorts, cargo pants/shorts, or dress clothes. Shirts are required – no halter tops, sports-bras only, or half shirts. No plastic or rubberized suits; cut-offs, or street clothes are allowed.
  • Please remove all sharp objects from your pockets for your safety and to help protect our fitness equipment.


  • Towels are provided for workouts and wiping off machines after use. We do not provide towels for showering. Please leave towels in the Fitness Center.

Dressing Rooms

  • There are lockers and showers available in the dressing rooms. Personal locks must be used and removed everyday. Locks will be cut off lockers at the beginning of each day if needed. UAFS and/or the Fitness Center personnel are not responsible for any items left in the lockers or dressing rooms.
  • There is a lost and found area at the front desk.
  • The access codes to the men's and women's dressing rooms are available at the front desk and will be periodically changed. This is for the safety of our participants.

Drinks and Food

  • Water or fitness drinks in plastic containers with lids are the only substances allowed on the fitness floor and gym. No gum, candy, or food is allowed.

Cell Phones

  • Please limit cell phone use for music only. For your safety, DO NOT talk or text on your phone in the Fitness Center.

Books/Magazines/Study Materials

  • These materials are allowed ONLY on the recumbent bikes.


  • Televisions are provided to make your workout more enjoyable. You are welcome to change the channel. Many stations have closed captioning. You can also listen to the TV by tuning your radio with earphones to the station listed on the TV Broadcast box. The television sound MAY NOT be turned up.

Video Check Out and Studio Room

  • The studio room may be used for video workouts. A list of videos is available at the front desk. Videos must be signed out with your Lions I.D.

Services Provided

The following one-on-one services are provided to our patrons:

  • Facility and Equipment Orientations
  • Personal Body Assessments
  • Personal Exercise Prescriptions

Indoor Track and Gym Floor

  • The indoor track and gym floor may be used at any time there is not a scheduled event taking place. You must present your Lions ID card at the front desk and sign in on the Gym Floor Sign In sheet.
  • University sponsored groups (athletics, student activities, etc.) have priority. If they are using the gym in any way, it is their responsibility for allowing student access. If you are in the gym and any of these groups come in to use the gym, you have to leave unless they say you can stay.

Children and Visitors

  • Children and visitors are not permitted in the Fitness Center at any time; unless the visitor is touring the campus with a University Ambassador.

Emergency Exits

  • There are three sets of emergency exits in the Fitness Center to be used in emergency situations ONLY. Anyone using these doors for any other purpose will lose Fitness Center access. This is for the security of our participants.


  • It is our desire to give you a safe and clean environment in which to workout. Please report to the front desk any problems you have with any of the equipment on the fitness floor.