Parking Information - Sebastian Commons

Sebastian Commons has a reserved parking lot. Any resident having a vehicle on campus will be charged a $120 annual fee for their orange permit for this lot. Visitors may park across the street in campus parking lots by obtaining a visitor pass from UPD.


All residents of the Sebastian Commons are required to obtain an orange permit for their vehicles. Residents are required to register their vehicle with the Parking Office. Please look at the Parking Office website to find out information on permits and other policies. Vehicles without current parking stickers may be ticketed or towed. All parking lots are well lit and monitored regularly by UPD. The Sebastian Commons parking lot has permit enforcement 24/7.


Covered parking is available for an additional fee. Covered parking spaces are reserved to one resident and require a different identification tag to ensure that only that resident is using that parking space.


Covered Parking Prices

  • 9-month contract: $120 per semester
  • 12-month contract: $150 per semester


Covered parking spaces are limited, and we will reserve a space in the order that we receive notice that you would like covered parking.

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