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Greetings from the Office of Housing and Residential Life at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith! This is my final newsletter for this academic year. If you would like to continue to receive these updates next year, please let me know. While summer in Housing is a bit quieter, it is no less busy. The Lion’s Den will be having various summer camps stay throughout June and July. Sebastian Commons will have many students staying there as they take summer courses. The Housing Office will remain open Monday – Friday, between 8am – 5pm. Our full-time professional staff members will continue to be in their offices, and we will always have a Resident Assistant On Call.


It’s hard to believe that finals are starting in a week! The Lion’s Den closes on Saturday, May 12th. Below is information that was sent to all Lion’s Den residents.  They will receive another email with this information as well as a checklist. We’ve also posted this information online. If you instead need this information for Sebastian Commons, just let me know.


Have a great summer and thank you for a great year with your student!





Elizabeth Eppinger

Director of Housing and Residential Life

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

Office: (479) 788-7334

Fax: (479) 424-6334



May Move-Out with picture of the Lion's Den

When do I need to move out?

May 12 at 5 p.m. OR 48 hours after your last final


You must be completely moved out of your room

48 hours after your last final OR by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, whichever comes first.  

If you are coordinating a ride with your friends or family, please make sure they are also aware of this deadline.

Mail Forwarding

Your mail will NOT be forwarded by the Housing Office. 

Click here for mail forwarding instructions. 

You will also need to go to Records to change your address with the University.


What if I have damages?

If there are any damages in your room and/or suite, Housing will bill your student account for the necessary replacement, repair, cleaning, and/or labor charges.  Damages that occur in a common space will have the bill split between the residents responsible for that space unless the responsible party is identified.  If you notice items in your room/suite that require attention, please tell your RA now so that they can enter a work order.

How to Check Out Properly

  • Sign up AT LEAST 48 hours in advance of your checkout time with your RA.  Sign up sheets will be outside their doors.  Times are LIMITED (RAs are taking finals too!)  If your RA doesn't have a time available, let them know as soon as possible so that they can find a time with another staff member.  "My RA didn't have a time available" is not a valid excuse to not check out properly.
  • At the time of your checkout, the RA will meet you at your room.
  • Clean your room, including common areas, and remove all of your personal belongings BEFORE your checkout time.  If you are not prepared at your checkout time, you will be assessed a $100 improper checkout fine.
  • Common areas must be thoroughly and completely cleaned as each person checks out.  We will not accept the excuse of "my roommate is going to clean it later."
  • Have all of your keys ready to return.  If you checked out a TV remote, have that ready as well.
  • When loading your vehicle, do NOT park in reserved spots in Lot H.
  • Take all trash to the trash rooms.  If the trash room is full, take it to the dumpster behind the Dining Hall.  
  • Leave all command strips on your walls - maintenance will remove these once you are gone.
  • Adjust your bed to the level it was when you moved in. Instructions are on this page!
  • If you are the last person moving out of your BEDROOM, move all furniture to the center of the room and away from walls.

Cleaning Your Room

It is important that you clean your room/suite before checking out to avoid additional charges. The minimum cleaning fee is $100.

Remember that all common areas must be cleans as each person checks out. 

What if I leave without checking out?

If you do not officially check out with an RA and/or move out by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, you will be billed $100 for an improper checkout, missing keys, cleaning, and any damages.  Any items abandoned in the room/suite will be removed at the expense of the resident and the items will be disposed of.


There will be Donation Stations in each lobby where you drop your items to be donated to local non-profits:

  • Food - non-perishables ONLY
  • Clothes - news or gently used, please
  • Miscellaneous - functioning electronics, appliances, etc. 

What if I need to stay later?

We understand that some students will have reasons for requesting to remain on campus a bit later.  If you'd like to request permission to stay after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, click HERE.

There will be a $15 daily fee for staying, and exceptions to stay late will be minimal.  Please note that not all late stay requests will be granted. 

Requests are due by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 7.

There is no fee for graduates, UPD employees, band, Ambassadors, or any other UAFS-affiliated group required to assist at graduation.

Wait! I'm living in the Commons this summer!

You still must follow all check-out procedures provided to you; however, you may stay in the Lion's Den until your apartment is ready at Sebastian Commons.  Specific dates for moving will be provided to you at a later date.  Questions?  Email

Bed Adjustments

All beds must be in the same psition as they were when you moved in. Don't remember? Pictures are below! If you need assistance, talk to your RA. The fine for not adjusting your bed is $25.00.

Do NOT try to adjust your bed alone. The springs bend easily and the cost to replace is $124.00. If you have any doubts, ask your RA (nicely) for help!

Click here for a how-to video.

Example of how a bed should be adjusted

Close up Example of how a bed should be adjusted: bed springs all the way down.