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Complete a housing application today.

Dear Housing Parent:

Greetings from the Office of Housing and Residential Life! We are only a few short weeks from the semester being done. This is a very busy and stressful time for your student. There are many things for them to know and remember, and your support is vital to them ending the semester well.

Finals Preparation

It is very likely that you will be seeing your student during Thanksgiving break which starts on Wednesday, November 27. If they need to study or write a paper, help them find that peace and quiet they are seeking. Fall finals week begins on Saturday, December 7, yet several projects, papers, and presentations are due before finals begin. Before and during finals week, several student support services will offer additional assistance.

We partner with a company called OCM who produces finals care packages. Order online within the next week, and your student should receive it by finals!

As the weather is finally getting a little cooler, it’s OK to sound like a parent and tell your student to dress warmly and drink plenty of orange juice. While the Powell Student Health Clinic is a covered service for students, we encourage students to be proactive with practicing good health habits.

End-of-Semester Housing Logistics:

Your student has received one email today, and they will receive another around the 25th regarding the below logistical information. If you would like a copy of the original email sent to either the Lion’s Den or Sebastian Commons, please let me know. We do not want there to be any miscommunication during this busy time, so please encourage your student to ask questions, and please do not hesitate to contact myself or the Housing Office at (479) 788-7340. During both Thanksgiving and winter break, there will continue to be a staff member on call at all times. University Police will also continue to be on campus 24 hours a day. All Housing policies are in effect during breaks and holidays.

Thanksgiving: Both Sebastian Commons Apartments and the Lion’s Den Residence Hall will remain open for students to come and go as they desire. There will continue to be a staff member on call.

Move-outs: If your student plans to return to campus for the spring semester, they DO NOT need to remove their personal belongs. If they do not plan to return, they MUST move-out at the end of finals so they do not incur spring charges. Residents moving out must submit a Housing Cancellation Form online. Anyone moving out at semester is subject to a $800 contract buyout charge as stated in their housing contract. Residents not returning for spring must move-out by 7pm (4pm for SebCo) on December 13 (December 15 for graduates). Further information about breaking the contract may be found here.

Next Semester:

By now, your student should have made an appointment with their academic advisor to be advised so they may register for spring classes. Encourage them to get everything taken care of before they leave for winter break. Spring 2020 bills are due January 3!!

The next edition will be sent in February. It will include information on how your student can pick their room for next year. I look forward to your feedback.


Happy Holidays!


Elizabeth Eppinger

Director of Housing and Residential Life

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

Housing Office 103

Office: (479) 788-7334

Fax: (479) 424-6334


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