Living Learning Communities

UAFS offers four exciting Living and Learning Communities (LLCs) in the Lion’s Den Residence Hall. Each LLC has a floor reserved for each community. The LLC is for first-year students who live on campus. The four LLCs are: Myles Friedman Honors Program, Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).


Why Should I Participate?

  • Live in a personal community that bridges your academic interests to your new home
  • Interact with like-minded peers
  • Participate in programs, events, and initiatives specifically geared toward your LLC and only for LLC participants
  • Be more likely to have a higher GPA and persist to graduation! We have data that shows our students who participate in an LLC are more successful academically!
  • Have access to leadership opportunities
  • Develop relationships and frequent contact with faculty
  • Take a common workshop, class, or seminar with other LLC participants
  • Enjoy study groups with students in the same courses
  • Receive networking and interaction opportunities with like-minded upperclassmen
  • It’s FREE!
  • There are no GPA or test score requirements


What Will This Cost Me?

There is NO additional cost for participating in the LLC. You pay the normal room rate and meal plan, and the rest is all included! Also, you’ll receive an additional $1000 scholarship ($500 per semester) for your one year of participation in the LLC if you are accepted to the LLC while funds are available! This is in addition to and compatible with any other UAFS scholarship, including Housing scholarship, you may be already receiving.

Thinking of getting an apartment by yourself off campus? You may spend more than you would versus on campus PLUS there are HUGE benefits to living on campus such as:

  • 9-month academic year contracts which means you are not locked into a long-term lease
  • All utilities, high-speed wired and wireless internet, laundry, and furniture is included!
  • Save time by enjoying your meal plan!
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 staff for events, assistance, security, and more!
  • The shortest commute to classes you will ever have and no need to search for a parking spot
  • Your room and meal plan are billed to your UAFS student account so your financial aid can help cover the cost.
  • Any UAFS merit scholarship covers at least 30% of your room cost!

We’ve crunched the numbers for you. Not including food, you will save approximately $100 per month by living on campus. That is because our one rate includes electric, water, AMAZING internet, laundry, and all the aforementioned amenities. There are no hidden fees and no worry of multiple bills each month.


How Do I Sign-up?


Business and Entrepreneurship LLC Details

The College of Business is proud to launch a Living and Learning Community for students interested in business and entrepreneurship. The new community supports student engagement, recruitment and retention. Students will complete cohort freshman business classes and will participate in co-curricular programming centered on themes of entrepreneurship and economic development, career and professional development, as well as teamwork and societal impact. Students should expect to engage extensively with peer and faculty mentors as well as with business alumni and community stakeholders. This engagement will be promoted through both social activities and professional development activities such as field trips to local and regional businesses, career exploration sessions, and campus/community forums about current business news/events.


Students interested in the business and entrepreneurship LLC will:

  • Identify themselves as effective learners & critical thinkers who are strongly committed to achieving their academic goals & life-long learning,
  • Demonstrate commitment to local and global concerns by contributing time, talents, and efforts in service to the community & realize the impact of that service,
  • Develop skills necessary to engage in diverse scholarly activities and creative endeavors,
  • Continue their pursuit of a business degree,
  • Collaborate effectively in teams, working through dissent to build consensus,
  • Communicate thoughtfully and effectively with a variety of audiences,
  • Engage in project-based learning when possible,
  • Improve group and leadership skills that translate into a desire to become better student leaders,
  • Explore ways to bring bigger audiences to programs and classrooms, and
  • Cultivate professional relationships with faculty, campus staff, alumni, business stakeholders, and other students.


This LLC is only open to declared Business Administration majors at this time. Once participation in the Business and Entrepreneurship LLC is confirmed, your ROAR advisor will make sure that you are enrolled in the reserved cohort LLC business sections of MGMT 1201 Planning for Success and MGMT 1203 Foundations of Business in fall 2021.


Lions Excelling Across Disciplines: LEAD LLC Details

Housing LLC ImageThis LLC is for first-year students from all majors who have a desire to receive leadership training and skill development so they may become leaders in their own community. By training leaders, the LLC will further support the mission of UAFS by preparing the students to succeed in an ever-changing world. The experience would span their fall and spring semesters. Students who were actively engaged in the LLC for the duration would be recognized in May for their participation.


Students in the Leadership LLC will:

  • Differentiate between their leadership strengths and others in the team and how to use those strengths as a cohesive unit
  • Define characteristics of a leader and why they are important and understand the different leadership models
  • Build their personal leadership skills while participating in co-curricular activities
  • Create and strengthen relationships with their LLC cohort by participating in LLC activities
  • Serve their community through co-curricular involvement
  • Establish, define, and defend their own values and beliefs in the context of recognizing the importance of understanding privilege, diversity, and inclusion
  • Retain to UAFS for their second year of study by enrolling and attending
  • Two events will be offered each month, and participants must attend at least one. Monthly events could consist of:
    • Interaction with Fort Smith community leaders, including elected officials and military leaders
    • Service learning opportunities
    • Skills assessment
    • Presentation on the International Leadership Association (ILA) (September)
    • Diversity, equity, and Inclusion training
    • Presenting a program for their peers and current residents
    • Lunch and learns, which may include a discussion on a scholarly article or workshop by a community leader
    • Leadership theory exploration
    • Etiquette dinner
    • Field trips
    • Partnerships with Greek Life and Leadership Programs
    • CliftonStrengths for Students assessment completion and discussion
    • Cub Camp attendance in August (required)
    • Freshmen Leadership Retreat in September (required)
    • Join a Registered Student Organization, with emphasis given to Lionhearts, the Residence Hall Association, the Student Government Association, Numa Nation, and Leadership Student Association
    • Leading Lions Conference in March (required)
    • Alternative Spring Break
    • Common book read
    • Learn more about academic majors such as Organizational Leadership


Myles Friedman Honors Program LLC Details

COMING SOON! For now, you may view the Honors Program Website Here.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math LLC Details

This LLC is for first-year students who are majoring in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The STEM LLC started in Fall 2019 and has had two successful cohorts. Students in this LLC are registered in the same STEM 1001 academic course to strengthen their community.


Objectives of the STEM LLC:

  • Create a personal community that bridges the classroom and their living environment fostering a place where students taking like courses can form organic study groups
  • Interaction with peers in similar fields of study
  • Meeting students where they are for tutoring and office hours, by providing both in the Lion’s Den and develop relationships/frequent contact with faculty during freshmen year
  • Foster future leadership opportunities
  • Provide programs/events/initiatives specific to the STEM field that is exclusive for STEM LLC participants only and shows the interconnectivity of all STEM fields


Previous Programs:

  • Field trip to the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Chemistry showcase of making ice cream using dry ice
  • Lunch and Learn with STEM faculty
  • De-stress Fest
  • Field trip to Fort Smith Airport
  • Field trip to Mercy Hospital
  • Biology showcase
  • Physical Science showcase
  • Mathematics and computer science showcase, featuring robots
  • Career Services workshop