Lion’s Den Residence Hall Move-in

The Office of Housing and Residential Life wants your move onto campus to be an enjoyable experience. Fall Move-In days and times are listed below. You must formally check-in before going to your new room. An Unloading Zone is designated, and volunteers will direct you in that parking lot. lease DO NOT park on any street.



Move-in Date and Time

Cub Camp Staff, Cross Country Athletes, Volleyball Athletes

Friday, August 9, 4 – 6pm

  • There will be no reserved parking areas or move-in assistance for this time. Follow the first step.

Ambassadors & Registered Move-in Crew Assistants

Wednesday, August 14, 9am – 11am

  • There will be no reserved parking areas or move-in assistance for this time. Follow the first step.

Registered Cub Camp Attendees

Thursday, August 15, 9am – 12pm

All Residents

Saturday, August 17, 9am – 12pm



  • Park in Lot K near the pond at the intersection of Waldron Rd. and Kinkead Ave.
  • The student will go to the South Lion’s Den building to check-in and receive keys. They will need their student ID.
  • The student will receive temporary unloading passes that will need placed on the dashboards (1 per car) so they are permitted to come into Lot H.



  • Pull your vehicle(s), WITH UNLOADING PASS DISPLAYED (student receives at check-in), into Lot H
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING IN ANY PARKING SPOT IN LOT H. This is to not impede the unloading area.
  • Please drive very slowly in this parking lot to ensure pedestrian safety
  • Unload your vehicles in the yellow arrow zones ONLY. Lines will be long. Your patience is appreciated.
  • DO NOT park your vehicle anywhere in this parking lot. THE DRIVER MUST STAY WITH THE VEHICLE. This lot is ONLY for those ready to unload their vehicles.


  • Drive out and turn RIGHT out of the parking lot and park in Lot F down Waldron Rd or back in Lot K. You may only turn RIGHT out of the parking lot.
  • Come back to the student’s pile of items and start moving in!


There will be volunteers in brightly-colored Numa’s Move-in Crew shirts. They are there to assist with your move-in. There will also be a very limited number of carts for your use. We ask that these carts DO NOT go across the road, and once it is empty that it is returned immediately to the unloading zone. You may opt not to use Lot H to unload, but the volunteer crew will not be located elsewhere. Feel free to bring your own moving hand truck.


If your assigned move-in day does not work for you, please contact for move-in change requests. If you need to move-in early, you may incur additional charges.


Fall classes begin on Monday, August 19th!


Simplified Recap: Park in Lot K, go check-in with ID, go back to vehicle, post temporary unloading pass, drive over to Lot H, unload (not park), re-park vehicle across street, go back to items and move-in. Drink water.

Movin map ( 1.Park and Go Check in 2. Unload 3. Park PermanentlyMove-In Made Easy

  1. Park in Lot K and go to the South Lion's Den building to check-in.
  2. Unload vehicle(s) in Lot H (August 15 &17).
  3. Park your vehicle(s) in Lot F or back in Lot K.
  4. Move-In!

Lot H detail viewPass Required to Enter Lot H

When you check-in at the South Lion's Den, you will receive an Unloading Pass to enter Lot H. Vehicles without an Unloading Pass will not be allowed to enter Lot H.


Using GPS?

601 N. Waldron Rd.
Fort Smith, AR 72903