Application Process


This page is only pertinent to NEW residents. Current residents should go to Campus Resident Announcements Page. Thank you!
Thank you for considering campus housing at UAFS! This page has all the information you need to know to apply! If you still have questions, please give our Housing Office a call at 479-788-7340. Once you've read through this page, you may continue to the online Housing Application.
There is NO DEADLINE for housing - we accept applications every day of the year! Therefore, never hesitate to contact us to check availability. The sooner you apply, the more likely it is that you will receive the room and roommates of your choice. Spots are not held for unpaid applications.


Now for Housing:

  • Ensure you meet the Eligibility Requirements to live on campus.
    • Residents need to be enrolled in a minimum of twelve (12) credits each fall and spring semester. If the resident wants to live on campus during the summer, they must be enrolled in at least one class for each summer session. The amount of enrolled hours can be negotiated as needed.
    • Not have a significant criminal or conduct history
    • Not have children or pets living with them
    • Select and carry a meal plan (N/A for summer residency)
  • Obtain your UAFS Student ID - This would be on a letter you received from the Admissions Office. Please call the Admissions Office at 479-788-7120 for further clarification.
  • Understand Housing Rates - For a list of current room and board rates, charged per semester, please take time to look at each facility's Rates section of the Housing website.
  • Understand the Housing Contract PDF Document (PDF will open in a new tab)
  • Know the Housing Handbook and UPD Information - Any student who lives on campus is expected to abide by the Housing and Residential Life Handbook found here.
    Also, UAFS is required by federal law to disclose its crime statistics. This data may be found here.
  • Apply for Housing – you MUST fill out a Housing Application.
  • Filling out an application and paying the non-refundable $75 application fee does NOT guarantee housing. There is a refundable deposit required for occupancy that is due with the signing of a housing contract. Only students who have been assigned a room will receive a housing contract.
    • Applications with no proof of payment will be removed from our system.
    • Roommate preference – Their name must be spelled correctly, and they must also list you as a roommate preference to show the mutual agreement. We cannot guarantee you will be placed with your roommate preference. We also do not guarantee roommate/ suitemate compatibility.
    • Emails with your room assignments, roommates, meal plans, etc. are sent out on a scheduled basis. The timeline is listed below.
    • Any changes you need to make to your Housing application or questions can be either emailed to or by calling the Housing Office, 479-788-7340. It is the applicant’s responsibility to cancel their housing application or housing contract in writing. Canceling admission to the school does not automatically cancel housing.
    • Any requested changes made to one’s assignment preferences after they have been assigned will place that request at the date of the request and not from the original application date.


Fall Applications received by April 1 have the highest likelihood of receiving the room and roommate of their choice.


A student receives email notification once a room assignment has been made. The student will then log-in to complete their housing contract and pay their $200 deposit. Their notification will clearly explain how to complete these steps within two weeks of receipt of the room assignment email. If the contract and deposit are not received by the due date listed in the email, the room assignment will be canceled.


For Spring housing:

First round: If the application is received by December 15, the student will have a room assignment by December 20.

Second round: If the application is received by January 1, the student will have a room assignment by January 10.

Thereafter, room assignments will be made within 3 business days as applications are received.


For Summer housing:

First round: If the application is received by April 30, the student will have a room assignment by May 15.

Second round: If the application is received two weeks before the start of the summer term, the student will have a room assignment at least one week before the start of the term.

Thereafter, room assignments will be made within 3 business days as applications are received.


For Fall housing:

Application Completed by:

Room Assignment Notification by:

May 15

May 30

June 15

June 30

July 15

July 30

August 1

August 10

After August 1

After Fall Move-in with potential for earlier


* If there is no room for the applicant based on current assignments, a waiting list notification with information will be sent by this date.

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