Meet the Leadership Team


CAB consists of ten Leadership Team members. Want to become part of the Leadership Team(LT)? Applications for LT go out towards the end of the Spring Semester and are open to anyone interested!


Landon King

Name: Landon King

Title: Director of Events

Reagan Heppner Director of Membership

Name: Reagan Heppner
Title: Director of Membership


Hannah Warrington Membership Assistant

Name: Hannah Warrington
Title: Membership Assistant


Jomar Francisco Director of Marketing

Name: Jomar Francisco
Title: Director of Marketing

Mary Richey Marketing Assistant- Social Media

Name: Mary Richey
Title: Marketing Assistant- Social Media

Abi Powlowski Marketing Assistant- Graphic Design

Name: Abi Powlowski
Title: Marketing Assistant- Graphic Design

Beth Jones Legacy Committee Leader

Name: Beth Jones
Title: Legacy Committee Leader

Kylie Tempelmeyer Entertainment Committee Leader

Name: Kylie Tempelmeyer
Title: Entertainment Committee Leader

Sara Benton NUMA Nation Committee Leader

Name: Sara Benton
Title: NUMA Nation Committee Leader

Makaela Swinney Culture & Awareness Committee Leader

Name: Makaela Swinney
Title: Culture & Awareness Committee Leader

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Name: Leighanne Ashby
Title: Spirit Committee Leader