Campus Activities Board

CAB banner

Opening Statement:

            “The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a registered student organization that plans events for students by students. CAB consists of a ten member Leadership Team and five event planning committees that are all dedicated to bringing fun and social experiences to the UAFS community. Our events vary from year to year but the same energy and fun are put into every event! We host blockbuster movies, dances, tailgates, carnival games, and so much more!


CAB provides an opportunity for students to apply the skills they learn, including teamwork, leadership, time management, and much more. CAB also breaks down the process of what it takes to host an event on campus with so many different elements. This process is polished every year to meet the needs of a new team and students coming on to the UAFS campus.”



“Our Mission:

            Through leadership and teamwork, the Campus Activities Board is committed to creating impactful, yet fun social experiences for the entire UAFS community.”


CAB students