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            “Coming to UAFS, I didn’t know a single person!! I was able to join CAB and instantly found my university family. I was able to make connects on campus and grow my leadership skills while serving as the athletic events coordinator. These skills not only benefited me during my college experience but they have translated to my job post graduation. I’m so glad I found my CAB family and gained leadership experience on campus” – Stephanie Long, CAB Alumni CAB event


“Becoming a member of the Campus Activities Board follows a simple process!

  1. Log on to NumaLink and fill out the “CAB GA Application Fall 2019” or “CAB GA Application Spring 2020”
  2. You will then receive an email from the Director of Membership confirming a time for a 15 minute interview
  3. You will receive a second email from the Director of Membership informing you of the results of the interview”



            2.25 cumulative college GPA

            Enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours

            Be in good standing with the university

            Attend weekly General Assembly meetings”





            CAB hosts five event planning committees.


Athletics - This committee is dedicated to running tailgates for upcoming sports games held on campus. This committee is also in charge of Numa Nation, which serves as CAB’s official student section at home athletic events. Numa Nation will also keep you up to date on upcoming games and the scores of previous games. Students that sign up for Numa Nation are also able to win prizes and apparel to show off their school spirit!


Culture and Awareness - This committee puts on events to help students become more aware of different things affecting society and our culture. A popular event this committee hosts is Fresh Check Day, which is an outdoor event where different booths are set up next to the Campus Center and discuss different issues that different people face around the world. Culture and Awareness will host 2 events per semester- we hope to see you there!


Entertainment - This committee is well known for putting on events that provide fun activities for UAFS students to take part in. UAFS Got Talent is hosted in the Fall Semester where students from all over campus can compete in front of peers and star judges for the title of UAFS Got Talent!


Late Night - As the name says, Late Night committee hosts events that take place for the night owls. Thanks to a partnership with Swank Movies, this committee hosts movie nights in front of the Bell Tower for students to enjoy some fun snacks and games while also watching a new movie not yet released on DVD. The late night committee also hosts one of the most coveted events each fall semester- Midnight Breakfast.


Traditions – At UAFS, there are events that bring in hundreds and even thousands of guests to our campus. This committee helps make sure that these big events are planned down to the smallest detail for the most enjoyment from not only the UAFS community, but of the community of Fort Smith.