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Submitting Final Grades in Blackboard

Instructions for Submitting Final Grades for Courses Using Blackboard/Blackboard Grade Push

Instructors of courses using Blackboard (Bb) should use the grade push feature to enter final grades. This allows grades to be kept in Bb and pushed into Banner Self-Service without manually entering each grade. (See below regarding F grades and last date of attendance.)

Approximately two weeks prior to the grade due date, Instructional Support will send an email to all faculty teaching courses with a Bb component asking each if they want to opt in to the Bb grade push. Instructors must reply to this email for the Bb push feature to be enabled for their course.

Using the grade push feature in Bb requires the creation of the external grade column in Bb. It is a unique column in each course that contains the final grades for the course. The grades must be set up as letter grades, either A, B, C, D, or F. IPs and W's are not entered. See “Grading Schemas” in the Bb instructions for information on how to set up letter grades.

Instructors must have the external grade column prepared prior to the deadline for the grades push each semester.

To select a column as the external grade column:
  1. Make sure the primary column display is either a grade schema that is set up to show the letter grades indicated above (for calculated columns) or text (for manual grade entry).
  2. Click the Action Link button for the column.
  3. Click Set as External Grade.
NOTE: The last date of attendance must be entered for each F. Bb does not allow this entry in the primary column display, so all F grades and the corresponding last date of attendance must be entered in Banner Self-Service. 

For questions about grading in Bb and/or the grade push process, contact Instructional Support at 479-788-7335 or